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Who are we?

Hakan Uygun
Project Leader, Analiysys, Design and Coding
Ayten Gulen
Documentation, Translation, Test
Volkan Uygun
Reports, Test

How can you contact us?

For any question, suggestion please email us...
Bug Reporting
Using SourceForges bug reporting is best for both you and us.
To support project…
The easiest thing you can do is to use MobilCRM and let us know problems and suggestions.
But above all we wish you to add your knowledge and effort to this project.

We wish to thank

To OgilvyOne Turkey, Solgar Turkey and Sevil Ozer, from here, for making us to start this project,

To IBM Turkey for organizing Linux Competition so making us motivated to do all these and not to postpone and disappear by the time.

To Karash Software House workers to tolerating me,

To my friends and for their forbearance to my lack of quality time with them.

Thank you very much.