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What is MobilCRM?

Our goal with MobilCRM is make you to use CRM app. free from place and environment, and work more efficent and dynamic.

All fundamental purposes in CRM applications are also have first priority at MobilCRM. So we wish that MobilCRM would be the your most valuable companion during your customer satisfaction and continuity obtaining, sales increasing works.

We think, MobilCRM, with its elegant design, easy use, advanced PDA app., open sourced, platform independency and all other properties, will catch companies attention, espacially the companies, which have subsidiary networks. We proud to announce MobilCRM and wish you success in your CRM works.

Freedom To Knowledge

Platform Independency
MobilCRM is developed in Java programming language. So, it works free from platform, without any hardware or software dependency.
Database Indenpendent
Hibernate technology is used within MobilCRM, so it works independently from database
Free Community
All sources (tools, platforms, libraries, images) used in MobilCRM project are open sourced and free.
To see all used tools list, click here.
Free Software
MobilCRM is an open sourced, free software. You are always welcome to make additions or modifications in any module(s). You are totally free to use it.
All your rights are declared and saved under GNU GPL licence.

Application Parts

It is MobilCRM’s main body. Collected data is centrally stored here and analysis are done through this part.
This is the PDA part of the MobilCRM. It is used by sales agents to collect data from field and they reach the data when needed.
This is the administration part of the system, which defines system and user parameters and preferences.